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Abdallah, A and Anchor, J and Papalexi, Marina and Dastgir, Shabbir (2021) Organisational Performance and the Use of Multiple Performance Measures in an Emerging Market. International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management. ISSN 0265-671X

Abdulsalam, M and Feng, J (2021) The composition of vulnerable plaque and its effect on arterial waveforms. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 119. ISSN 1751-6161

Abo-Tabik, M. A. (2021) Using Deep Learning Predictions of Smokers’ Behaviour to Develop a Smart Smoking-Cessation App. Doctoral thesis (PhD), Manchester Metropolitan University.

Abu-Tabik, Maryam and Benn, Yael and Costen, Nicholas (2021) Are Machine Learning Methods the Future for Smoking Cessation Apps? Sensors, 21 (4254). ISSN 1424-8220

Abualigah, Ahmad and Davies, Julie and Harrington, Shelley (2021) Religiosity and work engagement: workload as a moderator. Stress and Health. ISSN 0748-8386

Adam, Ashall and Dobbin, Nicholas and Thorpe, Mary Catherine (2021) The concurrent validity and intrarater reliability of a hand-held dynamometer for the assessment of neck strength in semi-professional rugby union players. Physical Therapy in Sport. ISSN 1466-853X

Adams, C and Allen, T and Senior, T and James, D and Hamilton, N (2021) Impact testing of snowboarding wrist protectors. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part P: Journal of Sports Engineering and Technology. ISSN 1754-3371

Adams, Lorna and Morris, Stephen and Svanaes, Siv and Beninger, Kelsey and Smith, Andrew and Gellen, Sandor and Jones, Hollie (2021) Trial evalution protocol: Evaluation of empowering parents and professionals using Video Interactive Guidance (VIG) programme (Babies 1st). Technical Report. What Works Centre for Children's Social Care.

Adamson, K; Lane, T; De Meyer, K; Carney, M; Oppenheim, L; Panitz, S; Price, H; et al.
(2021) Enhancing physical geography schools outreach: Insights from co-production and storytelling narratives. Progress in Physical Geography. ISSN 0309-1333

Adel, Naeemah and Crockett, Keeley and Carvalho, Joao and Cross, Valerie (2021) Fuzzy Influence in Fuzzy Semantic Similarity Measures. In: IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, 11 July 2021 - 14 July 2021, Luxembourg.

Adepeju, Monsuru (2021) R-Opitools – An Opinion Analytical Tool for Big Digital Text Document (DTD). The Journal of Open Source Software, 6 (64). p. 3605.

Adepeju, Monsuru and Jimoh, Fatai (2021) An Analytical Framework for Measuring Inequality in the Public Opinions on Policing – Assessing the impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic using Twitter Data. Journal of Geographic Information System, 13 (2). pp. 122-147. ISSN 2151-1950

Adepeju, Monsuru and Langton, Samuel and Bannister, Jon (2021) Anchored k-medoids: a novel adaptation of k-medoids further refined to measure long-term instability in the exposure to crime. Journal of Computational Social Science. (In Press)

Adesola Ojo, Ojoawo and Mbada, Chidozie Emmanuel and Oladele, Timilehin and Haruna, Moda and Idowu, Opeyemi Ayodiipo and Sonuga, Ademola and Fatoye, Francis (2021) Prevalence, Risk Factors and Health Care Service Utilization for Low-Back Pain among Nigerian Automobile Technicians. Journal of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Treatment, 7 (1).

Adisa, Toyin Ajibade and Aiyenitaju, Opeoluwa and Adekoya, Olatunji David (2021) The work–family balance of British working women during the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Work-Applied Management. ISSN 2205-2062

Aguiar Noury, G and Tsekeni, M and Morales, V and Burke, R and Palomino, M and Masala, GL (2021) Experiment protocol for human–robot interaction studies with seniors with mild cognitive impairments. In: International KES Conference on Human Centred Intelligent Systems 2020 (KES HCIS 2020), 17 June 2020 - 19 June 2020, Virtual.

Aguiar, SS; Rosa, TS; Neves, RVP; Leite, PLA; Maciel, LA; Gutierrez, SD; Rosa, EC; et al.
(2021) Telomere Length, SIRT1, and Insulin in Male Master Athletes: The Path to Healthy Longevity? International Journal of Sports Medicine. ISSN 0172-4622

Aguinaga, OE and White, KN and Dean, AP and Pittman, JK (2021) Addition of organic acids to acid mine drainage polluted wetland sediment leads to microbial community structure and functional changes and improved water quality. Environmental Pollution, 290. ISSN 0269-7491

Ahmed, Kawsar and Hasan, Mahbub and Haider, Julfikar (2021) Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Sugarcane Bagasse Pyrolyzed Biochar Reinforced Polyvinyl Alcohol Biocomposite Films. Journal of Composites Science, 5 (9).

Aizawa, K and Orr, M and Inoue, Y and Nagazumi, J and Yoshida, M (2021) Leveraging sport events for sustainable sport participation: how schools contribute to sport development through events. European Sport Management Quarterly. ISSN 1618-4742

Ajayi, Chinyere Elsie and Chantler, Khatidja and Radford, Lorraine (2021) The Role of Cultural Beliefs, Norms, and Practices in Nigerian Women's Experiences of Sexual Abuse and Violence. Violence Against Women: an international and interdisciplinary journal. p. 10778012211000134. ISSN 1077-8012

Ajime, Tom Tanjeko; Serré, Jef; Wüst, Rob CI; Burniston, Jatin G; Maes, Karen; Janssens, Wim; Troosters, Thierry; et al.
(2021) The combination of smoking with vitamin D deficiency impairs skeletal muscle fiber hypertrophy in response to overload in mice. Journal of Applied Physiology, 131 (1). pp. 339-351. ISSN 1522-1601

Akbar, A and Ibrar, M and Jan, MA and Bashir, AK and Wang, L (2021) SDN-Enabled Adaptive and Reliable Communication in IoT-Fog Environment Using Machine Learning and Multiobjective Optimization. IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 8 (5). pp. 3057-3065. ISSN 2327-4662

Akhtar, Ahsan; Ricks, Matthew; Cunningham, Lindsay; Moffatt, Maria; Bale, Steve; Walton, Michael; Monga, Puneet; et al.
(2021) A randomized prospective study comparing migration of hydroxyapatite and non-hydroxyapatite coated glenoid components using radiostereometric analysis. Seminars in Arthroplasty: JSES. ISSN 1045-4527

Al-Maula, Bushra Habeeb and Wally, Zena J and Dosh, Rasha H and Aljdaimi, Abtesam Imhemed and Al-Nasrawi, Suhad Jabbar Hamed and Haider, Julfikar (2021) Assessing the Effects of Administering Calcium Oxide Nanoparticles on Oral Mucosa and Tongue of Male Wister Rats. Nano Biomedicine and Engineering. ISSN 2150-5578

Al-Maula, Bushra Habeeb; Wally, Zena Jehad; Al-Magsoosi, Mohanad Jameel Najm; Dosh, Rasha Hatem; Mustafa, Ruba M; Al-Nasrawi, Suhad Jabbar Hamed; Alfutimie, Abdullatif; et al.
(2021) Studying Effects of Calcium Oxide Nanoparticles on Dentinogenesis in Male Wistar Rats. International Journal of Dentistry, 2021. pp. 1-9. ISSN 1687-8728

Al-Mussawi, Raja M and Farid, Farzaneh and Haider, Julfikar (2021) Effect of Die Materials on Marginal and Internal Adaptation of Zirconia Copings: An In Vitro Study. The Open Dentistry Journal, 15 (1). pp. 708-716. ISSN 1874-2106

Al-Nasrawi, Suhad Jabbar Hamed and Jaber, Zuha Ayad and Al-Quraine, Nibrass Talib and Aljdaimi, Abtesam Imhemed and Al-Hmedat, Sattar Jabbar Abdul-Zahra and Zidan, Saleh and Haider, Julfikar (2021) Impact of Peracetic Acid on The Dynamic Cyclic Fatigue of Heat-Treated Nickel-Titanium Rotary Endodontic Instrument. International Journal of Dentistry. ISSN 1687-8728 (In Press)

Al-Rubaye, BK and Al-Jeboori, MJ and Potgieter, H (2021) Metal Complexes of Multidentate N2S2 Heterocyclic Schiff-base Ligands;Formation, Structural Characterisation and Biological Activity. In: International Conference for Pure and Applied Sciences (IHICPS), 09 December 2020 - 10 December 2020, Baghdad, Iraq.

Al-Rweg, Mohmad and Ahmeda, Khaled and Albarbar, Alhussein (2021) Acoustical Characteristics of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells. IEEE Access, 9. pp. 81068-81077.

Al-ibraheemi, Zahraa Abdulaali and Abdullah, Huda Abbas and Jawad, Nada Abdlameer and Haider, Julfikar (2021) Assessing Fracture Resistance of Restored Premolars with Novel Composite Materials: An In Vitro Study. International Journal of Dentistry, Volume. ISSN 1687-8728

AlSalahi, Sultan and Junejo, Rehan and Bradley, Chris and Balanos, George and Siebenmann, Christoph and Fisher, James (2021) The middle cerebral artery blood velocity response to acute normobaric hypoxia occurs independently of changes in ventilation in humans. Experimental Physiology. ISSN 0958-0670

AlSalem, Huda S and Al-Goul, Soha T and Ferrari, Alejandro García-Miranda and Brownson, Dale AC and Velarde, Luis and Koehler, Sven PK (2021) Correction: Imaging the reactivity and width of graphene's boundary region. Chemical Communications. ISSN 1359-7345

Alam, Gazi Mahabubul and Roslan, Samsilah and Al-Amin, Abul Quasem and Leal Filho, Walter (2021) Does GATS' Influence on Private University Sector's Growth Ensure ESD or Develop City 'Sustainability Crisis'-Policy Framework to Respond COP21. Sustainability, 13 (8). ISSN 2071-1050

Alam, Nur-A and Ahsan, Md Mominul and Based, Md Abdul and Haider, Julfikar and Kowalski, Marcin (2021) COVID-19 Detection from Chest X-Ray images using Feature Fusion and Deep learning. Sensors, 21 (4). ISSN 1424-8220

Alam, Nur-A and Ahsan, Md Mominul and Based, Md Abdul and Haider, Julfikar and Kowalski, Marcin (2021) An Intelligent System for Automatic Fingerprint Identification using Feature Fusion by Gabor Filter and Deep Learning. Computers and Electrical Engineering, 95. ISSN 0045-7906

Alam, Nur-A and Ahsan, Mominul and Based, Md Abdul and Haider, Julfikar and Rodrigues, Eduardo MG (2021) Smart Monitoring and Controlling of Appliances using LoRa Based IoT System. Designs, 5 (1). ISSN 2411-9660

Alanazi, B. M (2021) An Assessment of Quality Management Systems and Practices in General Hospitals in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA): Towards Initiating a Holistic Framework. Doctoral thesis (PhD), Manchester Metropolitan University.

Alasali, Feras and Foudeh, Husam and Ali, Esraa Mousa and Nusair, Khaled and Holderbaum, William (2021) Forecasting and Modelling the Uncertainty of Low Voltage Network Demand and the Effect of Renewable Energy Sources. Energies, 14 (8). p. 2151.

Albertson, Kevin and de Saille, Stevienna and Pandey, Poonam and Amanatidou, Effie and Arthur, Keren Naa Abeka and Van Oudheusden, Michiel and Medvecky, Fabien (2021) An RRI for the Present Moment: Relational and ‘well-up’ innovation. Journal of Responsible Innovation. ISSN 2329-9460

Albury, Charlotte; Pope, Catherine; Shaw, Sara; Greenhalgh, Trisha; Ziebland, Sue; Martin, Sam; Rai, Tanvi; et al.
(2021) Gender in the Consolidated Criteria for Reporting Qualitative Research (COREQ) Checklist. International Journal for Quality in Health Care. ISSN 1353-4505

Aldana Reyes, Xavier (2021) Contemporary Gothic Horror Cinema: The Imagined Pasts and Traumatic Ghosts of Crimson Peak (2015) and The Woman in Black (2012). LIT: Literature Interpretation Theory. ISSN 1043-6928 (In Press)

Aldana Reyes, Xavier (2021) Spanish Civil War Horror and Regional Trauma: The Politics of Painful Remembrance in Juan Carlos Medina’s Insensibles (Painless, 2012). English Language Notes. ISSN 0013-8282 (In Press)

Alder, Jason William (2021) Compendium of Sonic Possibilities of the Contrabass Clarinet: A Study of Cross-Compatibility and Composer Collaboration. Doctoral thesis (PhD), The Royal Northern College of Music in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University.

Aldred, Stephanie and Matthews, Linda and Nerantzi, Chrissi (2021) Being ourselves in the digital context – online presences. Creative Academic Magazine, 19. pp. 21-22.

Alexis-Martin, B and Bolton, MB and Hawkins, D and Tisch, S and Mangioni, TL (2021) Addressing the Humanitarian and Environmental Consequences of Atmospheric Nuclear Weapon Tests: A Case Study of UK and US Test Programs at Kiritimati (Christmas) and Malden Islands, Republic of Kiribati. Global Policy, 12 (1). pp. 106-121. ISSN 1758-5880

Alexis-Martin, Becky; Turnbull, Jonathan; Bennett, Luke; Bolton, Matthew; Gair, Dunlop; Davies, Thom; Dunlop, Gair; et al.
(2021) Nuclear Geography and Nuclear Issues. In: International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, Environment and Technology. John Wiley & Sons. ISBN 0470659637

Alhotan, Abdulaziz and Yates, Julian and Zidan, Saleh and Haider, Julfikar and Jurado, Carlos Alberto and Silikas, Nikolaos (2021) Behaviour of PMMA Resin Composites Incorporated with Nanoparticles or Fibre following Prolonged Water Storage. Nanomaterials, 11 (12). p. 3453.

Alhotan, Abdulaziz and Yates, Julian and Zidan, Saleh and Haider, Julfikar and Silikas, Nikolaos (2021) Assessing Fracture Toughness and Impact Strength of PMMA Reinforced with Nano-Particles and Fibre as Advanced Denture Base Materials. Materials, 14 (15). p. 4127. ISSN 1996-1944

Alhotan, Abdulaziz and Yates, Julian and Zidan, Saleh and Haider, Julfikar and Silikas, Nikolaos (2021) Flexural Strength and Hardness of Filler-Reinforced PMMA Targeted for Denture Base Application. Materials, 14 (10).

Ali, R and Ashraf, I and Bashir, AK and Zikria, YB (2021) Reinforcement-Learning-Enabled Massive Internet of Things for 6G Wireless Communications. IEEE Communications Standards Magazine, 5 (2). pp. 126-131. ISSN 2471-2825

Ali, R and Zikria, YB and Bashir, AK and Garg, S and Kim, HS (2021) URLLC for 5G and Beyond: Requirements, Enabling Incumbent Technologies and Network Intelligence. IEEE Access, 9. pp. 67064-67095.

Ali, Sara and Mehmood, Faisal and Ayaz, Yasar and Sajid, Muhammad and Sadia, Haleema and Nawaz, Raheel (2021) An Experimental Trial: Multi-Robot Therapy for Categorization of Autism Level Using Hidden Markov Model. Journal of Educational Computing Research. ISSN 0735-6331

Aliaga-Samanez, Alisa and Cobos-Mayo, Marina and Real, Raimundo and Segura, Marina and Romero, David and Fa, Julia E and Olivero, Jesús (2021) Worldwide dynamic biogeography of zoonotic and anthroponotic dengue. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 15 (6). ISSN 1935-2727

Allen, Daniel and Hulmes, Allison (2021) Aversive Racism and Child Protection Practice with Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Children and Families. Seen and Heard, 31 (2). ISSN 1744-1072

Allen, Daniel and Hulmes, Allison (2021) Aversive Racism and Child Protection Practice with Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Children and Families. Seen and Heard, 31 (2).

Allen, Daniel and Rooke, Rachael (2021) Tameside Oldham and Glossop MIND: A Contribution Analysis of services offered via the Oldham Brokerage Service. Research Report. Manchester Metropolitan University.

Allen, James and Posstlethwaite, Verity and Whigham, Stuart and Overton, Tom and Mackintosh, Christopher (2021) Equality and Sport Research 2020: Technical Report for Sport Scotland. Technical Report. Sport Scotland/Counsel Ltd.

Allen, NS and Edge, M and Sandoval, G and Verran, J and Catalina, F and Bygott, C and Kerrod, J (2021) Research perspectives on the photocatalytic activity of titanium dioxide: Catalytic assessment methods in solution and solid-state in relation to particle surface activity. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 190. ISSN 0141-3910

Alotaibi, Maye Abdullah (2021) Exploring the Effectiveness of the Explicit Instruction of Metaphors in EFL Classrooms: A Case Study of Kuwaiti Learners of English. Doctoral thesis (PhD), Manchester Metropolitan University.

Alraddadi, H. M. (2021) Language Use, Attitudes, and Identities of Bilingual Arab Children in Manchester, UK: Description and Factors. Doctoral thesis (PhD), Manchester Metropolitan University.

Altakroni, B and Nevin, C and Carroll, M and Murgatroyd, C and Horne, G and Brison, DR and Povey, AC (2021) The marker of alkyl DNA base damage, N7-methylguanine, is associated with semen quality in men. Scientific Reports, 11. ISSN 2045-2322

Altarah, H. Y. (2021) The Motivation and Investment of Female Bedouin Kuwaiti College-level Students in Learning English. Doctoral thesis (PhD), Manchester Metropolitan University.

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An, V; Potgieter, H; Usoltseva, N; Valiev, D; Stepanov, S; Pustovalov, A; Baryshnikov, A; et al.
(2021) MoS2@ZnO Nanoheterostructures Prepared by Electrospark Erosion for Photocatalytic Applications. Nanomaterials, 11. ISSN 2079-4991

Anbalagan, S and Bashir, AK and Raja, G and Dhanasekaran, P and Vijayaraghavan, G and Tariq, U and Guizani, M (2021) Machine Learning-based Efficient and Secure RSU Placement Mechanism for Software Defined-IoV. IEEE Internet of Things Journal. ISSN 2327-4662

Ande, Ruth (2021) Multimode data - SME building data set. [Dataset]

Andrews, Luke O; Rowson, James G; Caporn, Simon JM; Dise, Nancy B; Barton, Eleanor; Garrett, Ed; Roland. Gehrels, W; et al.
(2021) Plant community responses to experimental climate manipulation in a Welsh ombrotrophic peatland and their palaeoenvironmental context. Global Change Biology. ISSN 1354-1013

Anholon, R and Rampasso, IS and Martins, VWB and Serafim, MP and Leal Filho, W and Quelhas, OLG (2021) COVID-19 and the targets of SDG 8: reflections on Brazilian scenario. Kybernetes, 50 (5). pp. 1679-1686. ISSN 0368-492X

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Antrobus, Mark R; Brazier, Jon; Stebbings, Georgina K; Day, Stephen H; Heffernan, Shane M; Kilduff, Liam P; Erskine, Robert M; et al.
(2021) Genetic factors that could affect concussion risk in elite rugby. Sports, 9 (2). p. 19.

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Areneke, Geofry and Tunyi, Abongeh (2021) Chairperson and CEO foreignness and corporate governance quality of emerging markets MNCs: Moderating role of international board interlocks. International Journal of Finance and Economics. ISSN 1076-9307

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Arslan, Mazlum Ferhat; Haridis, Alexandros; Rosin, Paul L; Tari, Sibel; Brassey, Charlotte; Gardiner, James D; Genctav, Asli; et al.
(2021) SHREC’21: Quantifying shape complexity. Computers & Graphics. ISSN 0097-8493

Arthur, Tom; Harris, David; Allen, Kate; Naylor, Caitlin; Wood, Greg; Vine, Sam; Wilson, Mark; et al.
(2021) Visuo-motor attention during object interaction in children with developmental coordination disorder. Cortex. ISSN 0010-9452

Arun, Shoba (2021) Cracking IT: Negotiating Working-Class Gender Capital through Group Enterprises in India. Work, Employment and Society. ISSN 0950-0170 (In Press)

Arvanitidis, Michail and Falla, Deborah and Sanderson, Andy and Martinez-Valdes, Eduardo (2021) Does pain influence force steadiness? A protocol for a systematic review. BMJ Open, 11 (1). e042525-e042525. ISSN 2044-6055

Asada, Akira and Inoue, Yuhei and Chang, Yonghwan (2021) The Effects of Athlete Activism on League Credibility, Event Legacy, and Event Involvement: A Crisis Communication Perspective. International Journal of Sport Communication, 14 (4). pp. 507-529. ISSN 1936-3915

Ascenso, Guido (2021) Development of a non-invasive motion capture system for swimming biomechanics. Doctoral thesis (PhD), Manchester Metropolitan University.

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Assou, Délagnon; Elwin, Angie; Norrey, John; Coulthard, Emma; Megson, David; Ronfot, Delphine; Auliya, Mark; et al.
(2021) Trade in African Grey Parrots for Belief-Based Use: Insights From West Africa's Largest Traditional Medicine Market. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 9.

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Astley, C; Houacine, C; Zaabalawi, A; Wilkinson, F; Lightfoot, AP; Alexander, Y; Whitehead, D; et al.
(2021) Nanostructured lipid carriers deliver resveratrol, restoring attenuated dilation in small coronary arteries, via the AMPK pathway. Biomedicines, 9 (12). ISSN 2227-9059

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Badwan, Khawla and Arun, Shoba and Popan, Cosmin (2021) Exploring Schools as Potential Sites of Foster-ship and Empowerment for Migrant Children in the UK. Cultura y Educación. Culture and Education. ISSN 1135-6405 (In Press)

Badwan, Khawla and Popan, Cosmin and Arun, Shoba (2021) Exploring schools as potential sites of foster-ship and empowerment for migrant children in the UK (Exploramos las escuelas como posibles centros de acogida y empoderamiento de los niños migrantes en el RU). Culture and Education. pp. 1-27. ISSN 1135-6405

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