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    Al-Shanti, Nasser, Steward, C. G. and Garland, R. J. (2003) Optimization of functional efficacy of phosphorothioate-modified oligonucleotides in a human CD8+ T-Cell Ex Vivo expansion model. Scandinavian journal of immunology, 58 (4). pp. 462-470. ISSN 1365-3083

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    Batsleer, Janet R., Chantler, Khatidja and Burman, Erica (2003) Responses of health and social care staff to South Asian women who attempt suicide and/or self harm. Journal of social work practice, 17 (1). pp. 103-114. ISSN 1465-3885

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    Bennison, David J. and Hines, Tony (2003) Retailing for communities: issues of inclusion and exclusion - guest editorial. International journal of retail & distribution management, 31 (8). pp. 385-388. ISSN 0959-0552

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    Bianchi, Raoul ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0998-9025 (2003) Place and power in tourism development: tracing the complex articulations of community and locality. PASOS Revista de Turismo y Patrimonio Cultural, 1 (1). pp. 13-32. ISSN 2529-959X

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    Butters, Geoff (2003) What features in a Portal? Ariadne (35). ISSN 1361-3200

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    Carroll, Jacqueline A., Caporn, Simon J.M., Johnson, David, Morecroft, Michael and Lee, John A. (2003) The interactions between plant growth, vegetation structure and soil processes in semi-natural acidic and calcareous grasslands receiving long-term inputs of simulated pollutant nitrogen deposition. Environmental Pollution, 121 (3). pp. 363-376. ISSN 0269-7491

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    Colley, Helen (2003) Engagement mentoring for 'disaffected' youth: a new model of mentoring for social inclusion. British Educational Research Journal (BERJ), 29 (4). pp. 521-542. ISSN 0141-1926

    Colley, Helen (2003) Engagement mentoring for socially excluded youth: problematising an 'holistic' approach to creating employability through the transformation of habitus. British journal of guidance and counselling, 31 (1). pp. 77-99. ISSN 0306-9885

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    Craven, Jenny (2003) Accessibility and usability of websites. Library and Information Update, May 03. ISSN 1476-7171

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