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Abbott, Anne L., Langston, Ann, Lewis, V. and Kellett, M. (2004) Early childhood. In: Doing research with children and young people. Sage. ISBN 0761943811

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Brophy, Peter, Fisher, Shelagh, Jones, Christopher R. and Markland, Margaret (2004) Deliverable X3. UNSPECIFIED. CERLIM (Centre for Research in Library and Information Management).

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Brophy, Peter, Markland, Margaret and Hosty, Lorraine (2004) EDNER+: Information Environment Formative Evaluation: Stakeholder report, FE library staff. In support of the EDNER+ Project, Deliverable WP2.3. UNSPECIFIED. CERLIM (Centre for Research in Library and Information Management), In support of the EDNER+ Project, Deliverable WP2.3 Manchester.

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