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Parsons, S; Azevedo, F; Elsherif, MM; Guay, S; Shahim, ON; Govaart, GH; Norris, E; et al.
Parsons, S and Azevedo, F and Elsherif, MM and Guay, S and Shahim, ON and Govaart, GH and Norris, E and O’Mahony, A and Parker, AJ and Todorovic, A and Pennington, CR and Garcia-Pelegrin, E and Lazić, A and Robertson, O and Middleton, SL and Valentini, B and McCuaig, J and Baker, BJ and Collins, E and Fillon, AA and Lonsdorf, TB and Lim, MC and Vanek, N and Kovacs, M and Roettger, TB and Rishi, S and Miranda, JF and Jaquiery, M and Stewart, SLK and Agostini, V and Stewart, AJ and Izydorczak, K and Ashcroft-Jones, S and Hartmann, H and Ingham, M and Yamada, Y and Vasilev, MR and Dechterenko, F and Albayrak-Aydemir, N and Yang, YF and LaPlume, AA and Wolska, JK and Henderson, EL and Zaneva, M and Farrar, BG and Mounce, R and Kalandadze, T and Li, W and Xiao, Q and Ross, RM and Yeung, SK and Liu, M and Vandegrift, ML and Kekecs, Z and Topor, MK and Baum, MA and Williams, EA and Assaneea, AA and Bret, A and Cashin, AG and Ballou, N and Dumbalska, T and Kern, BMJ and Melia, CR and Arendt, B and Vineyard, GH and Pickering, JS and Evans, TR and Laverty, C and Woodward, EA and Moreau, D and Roche, DG and Rinke, EM and Reid, G and Garcia-Garzon, E and Verheyen, S and Kocalar, HE and Blake, AR and Cockcroft, JP and Micheli, L and Bret, BB and Flack, ZM and Szaszi, B and Weinmann, M and Lecuona, O and Schmidt, B and Ngiam, WX and Mendes, AB and Francis, S and Gall, BJ and Paul, M and Keating, CT and Grose-Hodge, M and Bartlett, JE and Iley, BJ and Spitzer, L and Pownall, M and Graham, CJ and Wingen, T and Terry, J
(2022) Comment : A community-sourced glossary of open scholarship terms. Nature Human Behaviour, 6 (3). pp. 312-318.

Fadel, A and Ashworth, Jason and Plunkett, A and Mahmoud, Y and Ranneh, Y and Li, W (2018) Improving the extractability of arabinoxylans and the molecular weight of wheat endosperm using extrusion processing. Journal of Cereal Science, 84. pp. 55-61. ISSN 0733-5210

Long, R and Kelly, P and Sun, S and Feng, J and Wang, X and Li, W (2018) The Influence of Pits on the Tribological Behavior of Grey Cast Iron under Dry Sliding. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2018. ISSN 1024-123X

Fadel, A and Mahmoud, AM and Ashworth, Jason and Li, W and Ng, YL and Plunkett, A (2018) Health-related effects and improving extractability of cereal arabinoxylans. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 109. pp. 819-831. ISSN 0141-8130

Fadel, A; Plunkett, A; Li, W; Gyamfi, V; Nyaranga, R; Fadel, F; Dakak, S; et al.
(2018) Modulation of Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses by Arabinoxylans. Journal of Food Biochemistry, 42 (2). e12473. ISSN 0145-8884

Fadel, A and Plunkett, A and Ashworth, J and Mahmoud, AM and Ranneh, Y and El Mohtadi, M and Li, W (2018) The effect of extrusion screw-speed on the water extractability and molecular weight distribution of arabinoxylans from defatted rice bran. Journal of Food Science and Technology, 55 (3). pp. 1201-1206. ISSN 0022-1155

Zhang, Z and Smith, C and Ashworth, Jason and Li, W (2018) Regulation of inducible nitric oxide synthase by arabinoxylans with molecular characterisation from wheat flour in cultured human monocytes. International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 53 (5). pp. 1294-1302. ISSN 0950-5423

Fadel, A; Plunkett, A; Li, W; Ranneh, Y; Gyamfi, V; Salmon, Y; Nyaranga, RR; et al.
(2018) Arabinoxylans from rice bran and wheat immunomodulatory potentials: A Review Article. Nutrition & Food Science, 48 (1). pp. 97-110. ISSN 0034-6659

Zhang, Z and Smith, C and Li, W and Ashworth, J (2016) Characterization of Nitric Oxide Modulatory Activities of Alkaline-Extracted and Enzymatic-Modified Arabinoxylans from Corn Bran in Cultured Human Monocytes. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 64 (43). pp. 8128-8137. ISSN 0021-8561

Conference or Workshop Item

Buczkowski, BK and Li, W and Kershaw, J and Brennan, C (2011) Properties of sourdoughs containing hydrocolloids as soluble dietary fibre. In: Cereal & Europe Spring Meeting, 2011, Munich.

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