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    Al Ibrahim, Jamilia (2013) Relationship between dispositional mindfulness and repressive coping style: an exploratory dissertation. University of West London. (Unpublished)

    Al-Afaleq, Hanna (2013) An exploration into the effects of stress on individual eating behaviour. York St John University. (Unpublished)

    Alexander, Claire (2013) Rhythms in Perception: oscillatory patterns of colour-to-form filling-in. University of Glasgow. (Unpublished)


    Barwell, Lucy (2013) The effects of resident and visiting pets on elderly peoples’ mood states in residential homes. University of Chester. (Unpublished)


    Chung, Kai Li (2013) People who say they know it all: The influence of interviewers’ authority on the suggestibility of over-claimers. University of Strathclyde. (Unpublished)


    Denton, Elise (2013) Can you see what I am saying? Investigating the differences in processing of onomatopoeia and nouns with a behavioural study and EEG case study. University of Gloucestershire.


    Elliot, Susan (2013) Attitudes of able-bodied young adults towards disabled people. University of Cumbria.

    Elliott, Rebecca (2013) Effects of gender, political affiliation and right-wing authoritarianism on Islamophobic attitudes. Leeds Metropolitan University.

    Enderby, Claire (2013) Why buy? Exploring the motivations and experiences of four self-confessed impulsive/excessive buyers: A discourse analysis Document. University of Gloucestershire.


    Fazal, Mobeen (2013) Violent video games: Sensitisation or desensitisation? A mixed methods study. Leeds Metropolitan University.

    Fox, Rebecca (2013) The psychology behind morbid reality: an interpretative phenomenological analysis of the fascination with blood, gore, injury, and death on the internet. Southampton Solent University.


    Glendinning, Annas (2013) The development of a new psychometric scale: Police and Community Attitudes towards Offenders with ‘Mental Illness’: PACAMI-O. New University of Buckinghamshire.

    Goodier, Kirstie (2013) Do alpha sampling rhythms of visual perception also code for temporal integration to a higher order percept? University of Glasgow.


    Harrison, Wendy (2013) A qualitative exploration into the psychological support following weight loss surgery. Liverpool Hope University.

    Harvey, Adam (2013) Lie to me: investigating the strategic regulation of fine-grain details in truth-tellers and liars. University of Portsmouth.

    Holland, Victoria (2013) ‘I know how you feel’? A web-based investigation into global trait emotional intelligence and the Alternative Five factor model of personality. University of Aberystwyth.


    Israr, Mohammed (2013) Influences within languages of Time-Space metaphors on visual perception: A visio-spatial experiment testing the Whorfian Hypothesis among English and bilingual Greek-English speakers. University of West London.


    Jowett, Sarah (2013) Exploring the relationship between socio-emotional resiliency and academic achievement. University of Bath.


    Kingscott, Ben (2013) Leadership and social construction – a discursive analysis of Churchill’s wartime rhetoric. University of Loughborough.


    Mayor, Helen (2013) Beyond the negative: The role of positive metacognitions, meta-emotions and maladaptive metacognitions in depression, anxiety and life satisfaction in individuals with Vasculitis. York St John University.

    McGuinness, Jessica (2013) Investigating the effects of multimedia learning and learner generated drawing Investigating the effects of multimedia learning and learner generated drawing. Lancaster University.

    Mulligan, Eluned (2013) Working with sex offenders: An interpretative phenomenological analysis of therapists’ experiences. University of Bath.

    Murphy, Jodie (2013) ‘A relationship is a relationship’: Individuals perceptions of whether lack of legal and societal recognition impacts upon same-sex relationships. University of Cumbria.


    Neame, Georgina Elise (2013) Changing Faces Skin Camouflage Clinics: An interactional Study of a Patient Centred Service. University of Loughborough.

    Nelson, Ariel (2013) Facial expressions of pain in chronic pain and experimentally induced pain. University of Buckingham.


    Orton, Eve (2013) Childhood victimisation as a risk for short term and later depression; the moderator effect of seeking support. University of Chester.


    Raman, Eleanor (2013) The effects of morphological priming on spelling accuracy and the age of acquisition. University of Portsmouth.

    Ruppenthal, Merle (2013) Impact of attitudes, social norms, perceived behavioural control and intention on risky behaviour on Facebook: A regression analysis. Liverpool John Moores University.

    Russell, Anna (2013) A cross-cultural study comparing British and Ghanaian children’s levels and sources of subjective well-being. University of Winchester.


    Slymond, Linzi (2013) Video game playing in children and the effect on self-esteem, understanding of mind and playing in groups. Edinburgh Napier University.

    Sparks, Rosanna Emily (2013) Word-effect variables in speeded-naming-task: Lexical and sub-lexical effects on reaction time and response duration in single-word-reading in an opaque orthography. Oxford Brookes University.

    Stevens, Claire (2013) Applying a single category implicit association test methodology to organ donation attitudes – assessing the gap between implicit and explicit beliefs. Oxford Brookes University.


    Taylor, Matthew (2013) Student perceptions of standardised testing: Survey exploring the attitudes of university undergraduate students towards the traditional methods of student evaluation in formal education. Lancaster University.

    Todoran, Alexandra (2013) A melancholic veil of perversion. Edinburgh Napier University.


    Webb, Rebecca (2013) The effect of operation type, operand-order and problem-size on processing simple arithmetic. Liverpool Hope University.

    Wilcox, Miriam Emily (2013) Temptation enactment and the experience of self-control in daily life. University of Buckingham.

    Wilkinson, Victoria (2013) Emotional intelligence and neuroticism: implications for psychological well-being and individual experience. Southampton Solent University.

    Wing, John (2013) Investigating the interaction between pain intensity and time perception and whether anxiety is a moderating factor on this relationship. University of Buckingham.

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