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Wijayawardene, NN; Hyde, KD; Al-Ani, LKT; Tedersoo, L; Haelewaters, D; Rajeshkumar, KC; Zhao, RL; et al.
Wijayawardene, NN and Hyde, KD and Al-Ani, LKT and Tedersoo, L and Haelewaters, D and Rajeshkumar, KC and Zhao, RL and Aptroot, A and Leontyev, DV and Saxena, RK and Tokarev, YS and Dai, DQ and Letcher, PM and Stephenson, SL and Ertz, D and Lumbsch, HT and Kukwa, M and Issi, IV and Madrid, H and Phillips, AJL and Selbmann, L and Pfliegler, WP and Horváth, E and Bensch, K and Kirk, PM and Kolaríková, K and Raja, HA and Radek, R and Papp, V and Dima, B and Ma, J and Malosso, E and Takamatsu, S and Rambold, G and Gannibal, PB and Triebel, D and Gautam, AK and Avasthi, S and Suetrong, S and Timdal, E and Fryar, SC and Delgado, G and Réblová, M and Doilom, M and Dolatabadi, S and Pawlowska, JZ and Humber, RA and Kodsueb, R and Sánchez-Castro, I and Goto, BT and Silva, DKA and de Souza, FA and Oehl, F and da Silva, GA and Silva, IR and Blaszkowski, J and Jobim, K and Maia, LC and Barbosa, FR and Fiuza, PO and Divakar, PK and Shenoy, BD and Castañeda-Ruiz, RF and Somrithipol, S and Lateef, AA and Karunarathna, SC and Tibpromma, S and Mortimer, PE and Wanasinghe, DN and Phookamsak, R and Xu, J and Wang, Y and Tian, F and Alvarado, P and Li, DW and Kušan, I and Matocec, N and Mešic, A and Tkalcec, Z and Maharachchikumbura, SSN and Papizadeh, M and Heredia, G and Wartchow, F and Bakhshi, M and Boehm, E and Youssef, N and Hustad, VP and Lawrey, JD and Santiago, ALCMA and Bezerra, JDP and Souza-Motta, CM and Firmino, AL and Tian, Q and Houbraken, J and Hongsanan, S and Tanaka, K and Dissanayake, AJ and Monteiro, JS and Grossart, HP and Suija, A
(2020) Outline of Fungi and fungus-like taxa. Mycosphere Online: Journal of Fungal Biology, 11 (1). pp. 1060-1456. ISSN 2077-7019

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