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Williams, Alun G. and Miah, Andy and Harris, Roger C. and Montgomery, Hugh E. and Wackerhage, Henning (2012) The BASES expert statement on genetic research and testing in sport and exercise science. ISSN 1754-3452

Dhamrait, Sukhbir S.; Williams, Alun G.; Day, Stephen H.; Skipworth, James; Payne, John R.; World, Michael; Humphries, Steve E.; et al.
(2012) Variation in the uncoupling protein 2 and 3 genes and human performance. Journal of applied physiology, 112 (7). pp. 1122-7. ISSN 1522-1601

Wackerhage, Henning and Miah, Andy and Harris, Roger C. and Montgomery, Hugh E. and Williams, Alun G. (2009) Genetic research and testing in sport and exercise science: a review of the issues. Journal of sports sciences, 27 (11). pp. 1109-1116. ISSN 0264-0414

Ahmetov, Ildus I.; Williams, Alun G.; Popov, Daniil V.; Lyubaeva, Ekaterina V.; Hakimullina, Albina M.; Fedotovskaya, Olga N.; Mozhayskaya, Irina A.; et al.
(2009) The combined impact of metabolic gene polymorphisms on elite endurance athlete status and related phenotypes. ISSN 0340-6717

Williams, Alun G. and Day, Stephen H. and Folland, Jonathan P. and Gohlke, Peter and Dhamrait, Sukhbir S. and Montgomery, Hugh E. (2005) Circulating angiotensin converting enzyme activity is correlated with muscle strength. Medicine and science in sports and exercise, 37 (6). pp. 944-948. ISSN 0195-9131

James, L.; Onambélé-Pearson, Gladys; Woledge, Roger; Skelton, Dawn; Woods, David R.; Eleftheriou, K.; Hawe, Emma; et al.
(2004) IL-6-174G/C genotype is associated with the bone mineral density response to oestrogen replacement therapy in post-menopausal women. ISSN 1439-6319

Williams, Alun G.; Dhamrait, Sukhbir S.; Wootton, Peter T.E.; Day, Stephen H.; Hawe, Emma; Payne, John R.; Myerson, Saul G.; et al.
(2004) Bradykinin receptor gene variant and human physical performance. ISSN 8750-7587

Woods, David R.; World, Michael; Rayson, Mark P.; Williams, Alun G.; Jubb, Mick; Jamshidi, Yalda; Hayward, Marianne; et al.
(2002) Endurance enhancement related to the human angiotensin I-converting enzyme I-D polymorphism is not due to differences in the cardiorespiratory response to training. European journal of applied physiology, 86 (3). pp. 240-244. ISSN 1439-6319

Woods, David R. and Onambélé-Pearson, Gladys and Woledge, Roger and Skelton, Dawn and Bruce, Stuart and Humphries, Steven E. and Montgomery, Hugh E. (2001) Angiotensin-I converting enzyme genotype-dependent benefit from hormone replacement therapy in isometric muscle strength and bone mineral density. The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism, 86 (5). pp. 2200-2204. ISSN 0021-972X (Unpublished)

Williams, Alun G.; Rayson, Mark P.; Jubb, Mick; World, Michael; Woods, David R.; Hayward, Marianne; Martin, Jason; et al.
(2000) The ACE gene and muscle performance. ISSN 0028-0836

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