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Journé, Valentin; Andrus, Robert; Aravena, Marie-Claire; Ascoli, Davide; Berretti, Roberta; Berveiller, Daniel; Bogdziewicz, Michal; et al.
Journé, Valentin and Andrus, Robert and Aravena, Marie-Claire and Ascoli, Davide and Berretti, Roberta and Berveiller, Daniel and Bogdziewicz, Michal and Boivin, Thomas and Bonal, Raul and Caignard, Thomas and Calama, Rafael and Camarero, Jesús Julio and Chang-Yang, Chia-Hao and Courbaud, Benoit and Courbet, Francois and Curt, Thomas and Das, Adrian J and Daskalakou, Evangelia and Davi, Hendrik and Delpierre, Nicolas and Delzon, Sylvain and Dietze, Michael and Donoso Calderon, Sergio and Dormont, Laurent and Maria Espelta, Josep and Fahey, Timothy J and Farfan-Rios, William and Gehring, Catherine A and Gilbert, Gregory S and Gratzer, Georg and Greenberg, Cathryn H and Guo, Qinfeng and Hacket-Pain, Andrew and Hampe, Arndt and Han, Qingmin and Lambers, Janneke Hille Ris and Hoshizaki, Kazuhiko and Ibanez, Ines and Johnstone, Jill F and Kabeya, Daisuke and Kays, Roland and Kitzberger, Thomas and Knops, Johannes MH and Kobe, Richard K and Kunstler, Georges and Lageard, Jonathan GA and LaMontagne, Jalene M and Leininger, Theodor and Limousin, Jean-Marc and Lutz, James A and Macias, Diana and McIntire, Eliot JB and Moore, Christopher M and Moran, Emily and Motta, Renzo and Myers, Jonathan A and Nagel, Thomas A and Noguchi, Kyotaro and Ourcival, Jean-Marc and Parmenter, Robert and Pearse, Ian S and Perez-Ramos, Ignacio M and Piechnik, Lukasz and Poulsen, John and Poulton-Kamakura, Renata and Qiu, Tong and Redmond, Miranda D and Reid, Chantal D and Rodman, Kyle C and Rodriguez-Sanchez, Francisco and Sanguinetti, Javier D and Scher, C Lane and Marle, Harald Schmidt Van and Seget, Barbara and Sharma, Shubhi and Silman, Miles and Steele, Michael A and Stephenson, Nathan L and Straub, Jacob N and Swenson, Jennifer J and Swift, Margaret and Thomas, Peter A and Uriarte, Maria and Vacchiano, Giorgio and Veblen, Thomas T and Whipple, Amy V and Whitham, Thomas G and Wright, Boyd and Wright, S Joseph and Zhu, Kai and Zimmerman, Jess K and Zlotin, Roman and Zywiec, Magdalena and Clark, James S
(2022) Globally, tree fecundity exceeds productivity gradients. Ecology Letters. ISSN 1461-023X

Schepaschenko, Dmitry; Chave, Jérôme; Phillips, Oliver L; Lewis, Simon L; Davies, Stuart J; Réjou-Méchain, Maxime; Sist, Plinio; et al.
Schepaschenko, Dmitry and Chave, Jérôme and Phillips, Oliver L and Lewis, Simon L and Davies, Stuart J and Réjou-Méchain, Maxime and Sist, Plinio and Scipal, Klaus and Perger, Christoph and Herault, Bruno and Labrière, Nicolas and Hofhansl, Florian and Affum-Baffoe, Kofi and Aleinikov, Alexei and Alonso, Alfonso and Amani, Christian and Araujo-Murakami, Alejandro and Armston, John and Arroyo, Luzmila and Ascarrunz, Nataly and Azevedo, Celso and Baker, Timothy and Bałazy, Radomir and Bedeau, Caroline and Berry, Nicholas and Bilous, Andrii M and Bilous, Svitlana Yu and Bissiengou, Pulchérie and Blanc, Lilian and Bobkova, Kapitolina S and Braslavskaya, Tatyana and Brienen, Roel and Burslem, David FRP and Condit, Richard and Cuni-Sanchez, Aida and Danilina, Dilshad and Del Castillo Torres, Dennis and Derroire, Géraldine and Descroix, Laurent and Sotta, Eleneide Doff and d'Oliveira, Marcus VN and Dresel, Christopher and Erwin, Terry and Evdokimenko, Mikhail D and Falck, Jan and Feldpausch, Ted R and Foli, Ernest G and Foster, Robin and Fritz, Steffen and Garcia-Abril, Antonio Damian and Gornov, Aleksey and Gornova, Maria and Gothard-Bassébé, Ernest and Gourlet-Fleury, Sylvie and Guedes, Marcelino and Hamer, Keith C and Susanty, Farida Herry and Higuchi, Niro and Coronado, Eurídice N Honorio and Hubau, Wannes and Hubbell, Stephen and Ilstedt, Ulrik and Ivanov, Viktor V and Kanashiro, Milton and Karlsson, Anders and Karminov, Viktor N and Killeen, Timothy and Koffi, Jean-Claude Konan and Konovalova, Maria and Kraxner, Florian and Krejza, Jan and Krisnawati, Haruni and Krivobokov, Leonid V and Kuznetsov, Mikhail A and Lakyda, Ivan and Lakyda, Petro I and Licona, Juan Carlos and Lucas, Richard M and Lukina, Natalia and Lussetti, Daniel and Malhi, Yadvinder and Manzanera, José Antonio and Marimon, Beatriz and Junior, Ben Hur Marimon and Martinez, Rodolfo Vasquez and Martynenko, Olga V and Matsala, Maksym and Matyashuk, Raisa K and Mazzei, Lucas and Memiaghe, Hervé and Mendoza, Casimiro and Mendoza, Abel Monteagudo and Moroziuk, Olga V and Mukhortova, Liudmila and Musa, Samsudin and Nazimova, Dina I and Okuda, Toshinori and Oliveira, Luis Claudio and Ontikov, Petr V and Osipov, Andrey F and Pietsch, Stephan and Playfair, Maureen and Poulsen, John and Radchenko, Vladimir G and Rodney, Kenneth and Rozak, Andes H and Ruschel, Ademir and Rutishauser, Ervan and See, Linda and Shchepashchenko, Maria and Shevchenko, Nikolay and Shvidenko, Anatoly and Silveira, Marcos and Singh, James and Sonké, Bonaventure and Souza, Cintia and Stereńczak, Krzysztof and Stonozhenko, Leonid and Sullivan, Martin JP and Szatniewska, Justyna and Taedoumg, Hermann and Ter Steege, Hans and Tikhonova, Elena and Toledo, Marisol and Trefilova, Olga V and Valbuena, Ruben and Gamarra, Luis Valenzuela and Vasiliev, Sergey and Vedrova, Estella F and Verhovets, Sergey V and Vidal, Edson and Vladimirova, Nadezhda A and Vleminckx, Jason and Vos, Vincent A and Vozmitel, Foma K and Wanek, Wolfgang and West, Thales AP and Woell, Hannsjorg and Woods, John T and Wortel, Verginia and Yamada, Toshihiro and Nur Hajar, Zamah Shari and Zo-Bi, Irié Casimir
(2019) The Forest Observation System, building a global reference dataset for remote sensing of forest biomass. Scientific Data, 6. ISSN 2052-4463

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