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Zhou, B; Bentham, J; Di Cesare, M; Bixby, H; Danaei, G; Cowan, MJ; Paciorek, CJ; et al.
Zhou, B and Bentham, J and Di Cesare, M and Bixby, H and Danaei, G and Cowan, MJ and Paciorek, CJ and Singh, G and Hajifathalian, K and Bennett, JE and Taddei, C and Bilano, V and Carrillo-Larco, RM and Djalalinia, S and Khatibzadeh, S and Lugero, C and Peykari, N and Zhang, WZ and Lu, Y and Stevens, GA and Riley, LM and Bovet, P and Elliott, P and Gu, D and Ikeda, N and Jackson, RT and Joffres, M and Kengne, AP and Laatikainen, T and Lam, TH and Laxmaiah, A and Liu, J and Miranda, JJ and Mondo, CK and Neuhauser, HK and Sundström, J and Smeeth, L and Soric, M and Woodward, M and Ezzati, M and Abarca-Gómez, L and Abdeen, ZA and Rahim, HA and Abu-Rmeileh, NM and Acosta-Cazares, B and Adams, R and Aekplakorn, W and Afsana, K and Aguilar-Salinas, CA and Agyemang, C and Ahmadvand, A and Ahrens, W and Al Raddadi, R and Al Woyatan, R and Ali, MM and Alkerwi, A and Aly, E and Amouyel, P and Amuzu, A and Andersen, LB and Anderssen, SA and Ängquist, L and Anjana, RM and Ansong, D and Aounallah-Skhiri, H and Araújo, J and Ariansen, I and Aris, T and Arlappa, N and Aryal, K and Arveiler, D and Assah, FK and Assun ao, MCF and Avdicová, M and Azevedo, A and Azizi, F and Babu, BV and Bahijri, S and Balakrishna, N and Bandosz, P and Banegas, JR and Barbagallo, CM and Barceló, A and Barkat, A and Barros, AJD and Barros, MV and Bata, I and Batieha, AM and Baur, LA and Beaglehole, R and Romdhane, HB and Benet, M and Benson, LS and Bernabe-Ortiz, A and Bernotiene, G and Bettiol, H and Bhagyalaxmi, A and Bharadwaj, S and Bhargava, SK and Bi, Y and Bikbov, M and Bjerregaard, P and Bjertness, E and Björkelund, C and Blokstra, A and Bo, S and Bobak, M and Boeing, H and Boggia, JG and Boissonnet, CP and Bongard, V and Braeckman, L and Brajkovich, I and Branca, F and Breckenkamp, J and Brenner, H and Brewster, LM and Bruno, G and Bueno-de-Mesquita, HB and Bugge, A and Burns, C and Bursztyn, M and de León, AC and Cacciottolo, J and Cameron, C and Can, G and Cândido, APC and Capuano, V and Cardoso, VC and Carlsson, AC and Carvalho, MJ and Casanueva, FF and Casas, J-P and Caserta, CA and Chamukuttan, S and Chan, AW and Chan, Q and Chaturvedi, HK and Chaturvedi, N and Chen, C-J and Chen, F and Chen, H and Chen, S and Chen, Z and Cheng, C-Y and Dekkaki, IC and Chetrit, A and Chiolero, A and Chiou, S-T and Chirita-Emandi, A and Cho, B and Cho, Y and Chudek, J and Cifkova, R and Claessens, F and Clays, E and Concin, H and Cooper, C and Cooper, R and Coppinger, TC and Costanzo, S and Cottel, D and Cowell, C and Craig, CL and Crujeiras, AB and Cruz, JJ and D Arrigo, G and d Orsi, E and Dallongeville, J and Damasceno, A and Danaei, G and Dankner, R and Dantoft, TM and Dauchet, L and De Backer, G and De Bacquer, D and de Gaetano, G and De Henauw, S and De Smedt, D and Deepa, M and Dehghan, A and Delisle, H and Deschamps, V and Dhana, K and Di Castelnuovo, AF and Dias-da-Costa, JS and Diaz, A and Dickerson, TT and Do, HTP and Dobson, AJ and Donfrancesco, C and Donoso, SP and Döring, A and Doua, K and Drygas, W and Dulskiene, V and D akula, A and Dzerve, V and Dziankowska-Zaborszczyk, E and Eggertsen, R and Ekelund, U and El Ati, J and Ellert, U and Elliott, P and Elosua, R and Erasmus, RT and Erem, C and Eriksen, L and Escobedo-de la Pe na, J and Evans, A and Faeh, D and Fall, CH and Farzadfar, F and Felix-Redondo, FJ and Ferguson, TS and Fernández-Bergés, D and Ferrante, D and Ferrari, M and Ferreccio, C and Ferrieres, J and Finn, JD and Fischer, K and Föger, B and Foo, LH and Forslund, A-S and Forsner, M and Fortmann, SP and Fouad, HM and Francis, DK and do Carmo Franco, M and Franco, OH and Frontera, G and Fuchs, FD and Fuchs, SC and Fujita, Y and Furusawa, T and Gaciong, Z and Gareta, D and Garnett, SP and Gaspoz, J-M and Gasull, M and Gates, L and Gavrila, D and Geleijnse, JM and Ghasemian, A and Ghimire, A and Giampaoli, S and Gianfagna, F and Giovannelli, J and Goldsmith, RA and Gon alves, H and Gross, MG and González Rivas, JP and Gottrand, F and Graff-Iversen, S and Grafnetter, D and Grajda, A and Gregor, RD and Grodzicki, T and Grøntved, A and Gruden, G and Grujic, V and Gu, D and Guan, OP and Gudnason, V and Guerrero, R and Guessous, I and Guimaraes, AL and Gulliford, MC and Gunnlaugsdottir, J and Gunter, M and Gupta, PC and Gureje, O and Gurzkowska, B and Gutierrez, L and Gutzwiller, F and Hadaegh, F and Halkj r, J and Hambleton, IR and Hardy, R and Harikumar, R and Hata, J and Hayes, AJ and He, J and Hendriks, ME and Henriques, A and Cadena, LH and Herqutanto and Herrala, S and Heshmat, R and Hihtaniemi, IT and Ho, SY and Ho, SC and Hobbs, M and Hofman, A and Dinc, GH and Hormiga, CM and Horta, BL and Houti, L and Howitt, C and Htay, TT and Htet, AS and Hu, Y and Huerta, JM and Husseini, AS and Huybrechts, I and Hwalla, N and Iacoviello, L and Iannone, AG and Ibrahim, MM and Ikram, MA and Irazola, VE and Islam, M and Ivkovic, V and Iwasaki, M and Jackson, RT and Jacobs, JM and Jafar, T and Jamrozik, K and Janszky, I and Jasienska, G and Jelakovic, B and Jiang, CQ and Joffres, M and Johansson, M and Jonas, JB and J rgensen, T and Joshi, P and Juolevi, A and Jurak, G and Jure a, V and Kaaks, R and Kafatos, A and Kalter-Leibovici, O and Kamaruddin, NA and Kasaeian, A and Katz, J and Kauhanen, J and Kaur, P and Kavousi, M and Kazakbaeva, G and Keil, U and Boker, LK and Keinänen-Kiukaanniemi, S and Kelishadi, R and Kemper, HCG and Kengne, AP and Kersting, M and Key, T and Khader, YS and Khalili, D and Khang, Y-H and Khaw, K-T and Kiechl, S and Killewo, J and Kim, J and Klumbiene, J and Kolle, E and Kolsteren, P and Korrovits, P and Koskinen, S and Kouda, K and Koziel, S and Kristensen, PL and Krokstad, S and Kromhout, D and Kruger, HS and Kubinova, R and Kuciene, R and Kuh, D and Kujala, UM and Kula, K and Kulaga, Z and Krishna Kumar, R and Kurjata, P and Kusuma, YS and Kuulasmaa, K and Kyobutungi, C and Laatikainen, T and Lachat, C and Lam, TH and Landrove, O and Lanska, V and Lappas, G and Larijani, B and Laugsand, LE and Laxmaiah, A and Le Nguyen Bao, K and Le, TD and Leclercq, C and Lee, J and Lee, J and Lehtimäki, T and Lekhraj, R and León-Mu noz, LM and Levitt, NS and Li, Y and Lilly, CL and Lim, W-Y and Lima-Costa, MF and Lin, H-H and Lin, X and Linneberg, A and Lissner, L and Litwin, M and Lorbeer, R and Lotufo, PA and Lozano, JE and Luksiene, D and Lundqvist, A and Lunet, N and Lytsy, P and Ma, G and Ma, J and Machado-Coelho, GLL and Machi, S and Maggi, S and Magliano, DJ and Majer, M and Makdisse, M and Malekzadeh, R and Malhotra, R and Rao, KM and Malyutina, S and Manios, Y and Mann, JI and Manzato, E and Margozzini, P and Marques-Vidal, P and Marrugat, J and Martorell, R and Mathiesen, EB and Matijasevich, A and Matsha, TE and Mbanya, JCN and McDonald Posso, AJ and McFarlane, SR and McGarvey, ST and McLachlan, S and McLean, RM and McNulty, BA and MdKhir, AS and Mediene-Benchekor, S and Medzioniene, J and Meirhaeghe, A and Meisinger, C and Menezes, AMB and Menon, GR and Meshram, II and Metspalu, A and Mi, J and Mikkel, K and Miller, JC and Miquel, JF and Mi igoj-Durakovic, M and Mohamed, MK and Mohammad, K and Mohammadifard, N and Mohan, V and Mohd Yusoff, MF and M ller, NC and Molnár, D and Momenan, A and Mondo, CK and Monyeki, KDK and Moreira, LB and Morejon, A and Moreno, LA and Morgan, K and Moschonis, G and Mossakowska, M and Mostafa, A and Mota, J and Motlagh, ME and Motta, J and Muiesan, ML and Müller-Nurasyid, M and Murphy, N and Mursu, J and Musil, V and Nagel, G and Naidu, BM and Nakamura, H and Náme ná, J and Nang, EEK and Nangia, VB and Narake, S and Navarrete-Mu noz, EM and Ndiaye, NC and Neal, WA and Nenko, I and Nervi, F and Nguyen, ND and Nguyen, QN and Nieto-Martínez, RE and Niiranen, TJ and Ning, G and Ninomiya, T and Nishtar, S and Noale, M and Noboa, OA and Noorbala, AA and Norat, T and Noto, D and Al Nsour, M and O Reilly, D and Oh, K and Olinto, MTA and Oliveira, IO and Omar, MA and Onat, A and Ordunez, P and Osmond, C and Ostojic, SM and Otero, JA and Overvad, K and Owusu-Dabo, E and Paccaud, FM and Padez, C and Pahomova, E and Pajak, A and Palli, D and Palmieri, L and Panda-Jonas, S and Panza, F and Papandreou, D and Parnell, WR and Parsaeian, M and Pecin, I and Pednekar, MS and Peer, N and Peeters, PH and Peixoto, SV and Pelletier, C and Peltonen, M and Pereira, AC and Pérez, RM and Peters, A and Petkeviciene, J and Pham, ST and Pigeot, I and Pikhart, H and Pilav, A and Pilotto, L and Pitakaka, F and Plans-Rubió, P and Polakowska, M and Pola ek, O and Porta, M and Portegies, MLP and Pourshams, A and Pradeepa, R and Prashant, M and Price, JF and Puiu, M and Punab, M and Qasrawi, RF and Qorbani, M and Radic, I and Radisauskas, R and Rahman, M and Raitakari, O and Raj, M and Rao, SR and Ramachandran, A and Ramos, E and Rampal, S and Rangel Reina, DA and Rasmussen, F and Redon, J and Reganit, PFM and Ribeiro, R and Riboli, E and Rigo, F and Rinke de Wit, TF and Ritti-Dias, RM and Robinson, SM and Robitaille, C and Rodríguez-Artalejo, F and del Cristo Rodriguez-Perez, M and Rodríguez-Villamizar, LA and Rojas-Martinez, R and Rosengren, A and Rubinstein, A and Rui, O and Ruiz-Betancourt, BS and Russo Horimoto, ARV and Rutkowski, M and Sabanayagam, C and Sachdev, HS and Saidi, O and Sakarya, S and Salanave, B and Martinez, ES and Salmerón, D and Salomaa, V and Salonen, JT and Salvetti, M and Sánchez-Abanto, J and Sans, S and Santos, D and Santos, IS and dos Santos, RN and Santos, R and Saramies, JL and Sardinha, LB and Margolis, GS and Sarrafzadegan, N and Saum, K-U and Savva, SC and Scazufca, M and Schargrodsky, H and Schneider, IJ and Schultsz, C and Schutte, AE and Schutte, AE and Sen, A and Senbanjo, IO and Sepanlou, SG and Sharma, SK and Shaw, JE and Shibuya, K and Shin, DW and Shin, Y and Siantar, R and Sibai, AM and Santos Silva, DA and Simon, M and Simons, J and Simons, LA and Sjöström, M and Skovbjerg, S and Slowikowska-Hilczer, J and Slusarczyk, P and Smeeth, L and Smith, MC and Snijder, MB and So, H-K and Sobngwi, E and Söderberg, S and Solfrizzi, V and Sonestedt, E and Song, Y and S rensen, TIA and Soric, M and Jérome, CS and Soumare, A and Staessen, JA and Starc, G and Stathopoulou, MG and Stavreski, B and Steene-Johannessen, J and Stehle, P and Stein, AD and Stergiou, GS and Stessman, J and Stieber, J and Stöckl, D and Stocks, T and Stokwiszewski, J and Stronks, K and Strufaldi, MW and Sun, C-A and Sung, Y-T and Suriyawongpaisal, P and Sy, RG and Tai, ES and Tammesoo, M-L and Tamosiunas, A and Tang, L and Tang, X and Tanser, F and Tao, Y and Tarawneh, MR and Tarqui-Mamani, CB and Taylor, A and Theobald, H and Thijs, L and Thuesen, BH and Tjonneland, A and Tolonen, HK and Tolstrup, JS and Topbas, M and Topór-Madry, R and Tormo, MJ and Torrent, M and Traissac, P and Trichopoulos, D and Trichopoulou, A and Trinh, OTH and Trivedi, A and Tshepo, L and Tulloch-Reid, MK and Tuomainen, T-P and Tuomilehto, J and Turley, ML and Tynelius, P and Tzourio, C and Ueda, P and Ugel, E and Ulmer, H and Uusitalo, HMT and Valdivia, G and Valvi, D and van der Schouw, YT and Van Herck, K and van Rossem, L and van Valkengoed, IGM and Vanderschueren, D and Vanuzzo, D and Vatten, L and Vega, T and Velasquez-Melendez, G and Veronesi, G and Verschuren, WMM and Verstraeten, R and Victora, CG and Viet, L and Viikari-Juntura, E and Vineis, P and Vioque, J and Virtanen, JK and Visvikis-Siest, S and Viswanathan, B and Vollenweider, P and Voutilainen, S and Vrdoljak, A and Vrijheid, M and Wade, AN and Wagner, A and Walton, J and Wan Mohamud, WN and Wang, M-D and Wang, Q and Wang, YX and Wannamethee, SG and Wareham, N and Wederkopp, N and Weerasekera, D and Whincup, PH and Widhalm, K and Widyahening, IS and Wiecek, A and Wijga, AH and Wilks, RJ and Willeit, J and Willeit, P and Williams, EA and Wilsgaard, T and Wojtyniak, B and Wong, TY and Wong-McClure, RA and Woo, J and Woodward, M and Woodward, M and Wu, AG and Wu, FC and Wu, SL and Xu, H and Yan, W and Yang, X and Ye, X and Yiallouros, PK and Yoshihara, A and Younger-Coleman, NO and Yusoff, AF and Yusoff, MFM and Zambon, S and Zdrojewski, T and Zeng, Y and Zeng, Y and Zhao, D and Zhao, W and Zheng, Y and Zhu, D and Zimmermann, E and Cisneros, JZ
(2017) Worldwide trends in blood pressure from 1975 to 2015: a pooled analysis of 1479 population-based measurement studies with 19·1 million participants. The Lancet, 389 (10064). pp. 37-55. ISSN 0140-6736

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