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Search tips

Here are a few tips to help you find publications in e-space.

Getting Started

The Simple Search bar at the top of the page is a good place to start.

If you know the name of the publication you want, type it in. Otherwise, you can search by subject term(s). Begin with one or two terms. If you don't find what you want, try the Advanced Search.

Simple Search

Searches within the title, abstract, and full-text of publications.

It is not necessary to do phrase searching i.e. using citation marks around terms, for example, "climate change". e-space will search publications with one or both of the subject terms.

Simple Search does not search authors, so if you are looking for a specific author, use the Advanced Search.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search allows you to search specific fields such as the author/creator, date of publication, type of publication, etc. If you are unsure of how to search in a particular field, click the blue [?] icon to the right of each field.


There are several ways to search by date:

By a specific year e.g. 2009

Publications within a range of years e.g. 2012-2016

From a specific year e.g. 2015-. Using a hyphen [-] after the year will search all the publications from that year to the present

Up to a specific year e.g. -2000. Using a hyphen [-] before the year will search all the publications up to that year.

More Tips

Any of will search for publications with at least one of the terms you indicate. This will broaden your search.

All of will search for all the search terms you indicate. This will narrow your search.