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    Making Matters: China Challenge Exhibition at Manchester Metropolitan University and IM Motors, Shanghai

    Kelly, Rachel ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4385-0131, Moriarty, Sarah, Wu, Dani, Chu, Lindsay and Wu, Evan (2022) Making Matters: China Challenge Exhibition at Manchester Metropolitan University and IM Motors, Shanghai. Manchester Metropolitan University, 01 December 2022 - 31 January 2023.


    Fall in Love with the Future through Circular Design 循环设计 致你所爱的未来 In the recent years, with the impact of climate change, we are facing a growing challenge worldwide, with pollutions, energy shortage, extreme weathers and disasters, all of which result in loss of human life and widespread environmental and economic damage. The global environmental crisis has revealed how fragile our current ecosystems are, and now we are at a critical point in time to bring new perspectives and practices to shape a more restorative and regenerative future for our planet. 近年来,受到气候变化的影响,全球都面临着日益严峻的挑战:各类污染、能源短缺、极端天气和自然灾害,无不导致了生命的消逝以及波及广泛的环境和经济破坏。全球环境危机暴露了当前生态系统的脆弱性,人类现在正处于一个关键节点,亟需采用新的视角和实践方式,为我们的地球打造一个更具恢复性和再生性的未来。 Circular economy principles applied at the design stage help ensure that the environmental impact of our design decisions is considered when we design new products, services, and systems. Global dialogue approaches to enabling a connected collaborative ecosystem of practice is crucial to support designers to face the world’s shared development challenges. Young people and students of design are vital on this journey. Since last year, in partnership with IM Motors, the British Council have been working in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK and Young Green Tech in China on the Making Matters China Design Challenge, seeking to unlock the creative talent of future generations of designers through a student focused initiative. 在设计阶段运用循环经济原理,这将有助于确保在设计新产品、新服务和新系统时充分考虑到设计方案对环境的影响。开展全球化对话,促成设计实践形成一个互联的协作式生态系统,这对助力设计师应对全球共同面临的发展挑战至关重要。年轻人和设计专业学生在这一过程中的职责举足轻重。去年至今,与智己汽车IM Motors的战略合作框架下,英国文化教育协会携手英国曼彻斯特城市大学与 YGT 青年环保创新计划筹办了Making Matters智造未来循环设计挑战赛,通过以高校学生为主导的活动来激发未来青年设计师的创新潜力。 In this exhibition, we feature the students’ winning projects from the multi-disciplines of industrial design and manufacturing, lifestyle, consumption, service, and community. The winning student proposals exemplify the spectrum of circular design principles and demonstrate how young creatives can challenge themselves in their individual contexts to answer important questions in the design process. The exhibition asks interactive audience questions to support the university audience to explore design thinking, regenerative design and the circular economy. 本次展览展示了参赛学生在工业设计与制造、生活方式、消费、服务和社区等多学科领域的获奖项目。获奖的学生提案体现了循环设计原则所涵括的领域范围,并展示年轻的创意者如何能在各自的环境背景下挑战自我,针对设计过程中涉及的重要议题交出自己精彩的答案。展览向观众提问互动,鼓励高校受众群体共同探索设计思维、再生设计与循环经济。 We are on this exciting journey together, learning from each other and gaining inspiration from pioneers in other organisations and geographies. By engaging in an exchange of dialogue around circular design, we can grasp the catalyst of creativity, collaboration, and regenerative thinking, to bring about real change that will shape the lives of future generations. 我们并肩踏上这一激动人心的旅程,相互学习,并从其他机构和地区的开拓先锋身上汲取灵感。通过开展有关循环设计的对话交流,我们必能促进创意、协作和再生思维,为塑造未来几代人的生活带来真切变化。

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