Appendix Three: Globalisation: the individual code as a problem of worldview choice of contemporary person. Statement of participants of a ‘round table’ held in the State Duma, 23.01.2001

We, the participants in the round table, State Duma deputies, representatives of orthodox public organisations, journalists of the orthodox and patriotic mass media, priests, monastic and laymen –representatives of 10 dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church, discussed the complex problem engendered by the participation of Russia in the globalisation process and the ideological alternatives for the contemporary man.

The assembled people state the following:

Globalisation – is an anti-Christian ideology, expressing the utopian idea of the creation of a planetary state with one administrative, supranational centre. Contemporary scientific-technical progress in the field of information-financial technology is the channel through which this ideology is managed and developed.
The participation of the Russian Federation in the construction of a single world supreme state does not correspond to Russia’s historical mission. The Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian state at all historical stages is the main obstacle to any force aiming at world domination.
Today the main manifestation of the globalisation process in the RF is the change in the traditional system of values, the destruction of national culture, Christian morality and values, the primitivisation of the population’s thinking, and the universal introduction of number identification (the personal identification code).
The planetary numerical identification is one of the most important components of the globalisation process. Individual coding, firstly, affects mans’ spiritual and world-outlook (that is in adopting a number code, he agrees with the order of things). Secondly, it is part of the creation of a world system of general accounting and supervision in the regime of real time. Thirdly, it leads to every member of society being forced to be defined by rules of ‘systematic’ behaviour, absolute loyalty to the anti-Christian world elite.
Despite the protests of the orthodox community in and out of the country, the decision was taken to use the goods accounting system called EAN-13/UPC, which contains, in contrast to other similar systems, symbols that Christians find blasphemous.
(Source: Zavtra no.6 (375) February 2001, 8)