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Hill, KE and Hill, RS and Watling, JR (2019) Pinnule and stomatal size and stomatal density of living and fossil bowenia and eobowenia specimens give insight into physiology during cretaceous and eocene paleoclimates. International Journal of Plant Sciences, 180 (4). ISSN 1058-5893

Cirocco, RM and Facelli, JM and Watling, JR (2018) A native parasitic plant affects the performance of an introduced host regardless of environmental variation across field sites. Functional Plant Biology, 45 (11). pp. 1128-1137. ISSN 1445-4408

Cirocco, RM and Facelli, JM and Watling, JR (2017) Does nitrogen affect the interaction between a native hemiparasite and its native or introduced leguminous hosts? New Phytologist, 213 (2). pp. 812-821. ISSN 0028-646X

Cirocco, RM and Facelli, JM and Watling, JR (2016) High water availability increases the negative impact of a native hemiparasite on its non-native host. Journal of Experimental Botany, 67 (5). pp. 1567-1575. ISSN 0022-0957

Burnell, OW and Connell, SD and Irving, AD and Watling, JR and Russell, BD (2014) Contemporary reliance on bicarbonate acquisition predicts increased growth of seagrass Amphibolis antarctica in a high-CO2 world. Conservation Physiology, 2 (1).

Ming, R and VanBuren, R and Liu, Y and Yang, M and Han, Y and Li, LT and Zhang, Q and Kim, MJ and Schatz, MC and Campbell, M and Li, J and Bowers, JE and Tang, H and Lyons, E and Ferguson, AA and Narzisi, G and Nelson, DR and Blaby-Haas, CE and Gschwend, AR and Jiao, Y and Der, JP and Zeng, F and Han, J and Min, XJ and Hudson, KA and Singh, R and Grennan, AK and Karpowicz, SJ and Watling, JR and Ito, K and Robinson, SA and Hudson, ME and Yu, Q and Mockler, TC and Carroll, A and Zheng, Y and Sunkar, R and Jia, R and Chen, N and Arro, J and Wai, CM and Wafula, E and Spence, A and Han, Y and Xu, L and Zhang, J and Peery, R and Haus, MJ and Xiong, W and Walsh, JA and Wu, J and Wang, ML and Zhu, YJ and Paull, RE and Britt, AB and Du, C and Downie, SR and Schuler, MA and Michael, TP and Long, SP and Ort, DR and William Schopf, J and Gang, DR and Jiang, N and Yandell, M and dePamphilis, CW and Merchant, SS and Paterson, AH and Buchanan, BB and Li, S and Shen-Miller, J (2013) Genome of the long-living sacred lotus (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.). Genome Biology, 14 (5). ISSN 1474-760X

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