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FitzPatrick, LM and Hawkins, KE and Delhove, JMKM and Fernandez, E and Soldati, C and Bullen, LF and Nohturfft, A and Waddington, SN and Medina, DL and Bolaños, JP and McKay, TR (2018) NF-κB Activity Initiates Human ESC-Derived Neural Progenitor Cell Differentiation by Inducing a Metabolic Maturation Program. Stem Cell Reports, 10. ISSN 2213-6711

Karda, R and Perocheau, DP and Suff, N and Ng, J and Delhove, JMKM and Buckley, SMK and Richards, S and Counsell, JR and Hagberg, H and Johnson, MR and McKay, TR and Waddington, SN (2017) Continual conscious bioluminescent imaging in freely moving somatotransgenic mice. Scientific Reports, 7 (1). ISSN 2045-2322

Vink, CA and Counsell, JR and Perocheau, DP and Karda, R and Buckley, SMK and Brugman, MH and Galla, M and Schambach, A and McKay, Tristan and Waddington, SN and Howe, SJ (2017) Eliminating HIV-1 Packaging Sequences from Lentiviral Vector Proviruses Enhances Safety and Expedites Gene Transfer for Gene Therapy. Molecular Therapy, 25 (8). pp. 1790-1804. ISSN 1525-0016

Delhove, JMKM and Buckley, SMK and Perocheau, DP and Karda, R and Arbuthnot, P and Henderson, NC and Waddington, SN and McKay, TR (2017) Longitudinal in vivo bioimaging of hepatocyte transcription factor activity following cholestatic liver injury in mice. Scientific Reports, 7. ISSN 2045-2322

Delhove, JMKM and Karda, R and Hawkins, KE and FitzPatrick, LM and Waddington, SN and McKay, TR (2017) Bioluminescence monitoring of promoter activity in vitro and in vivo. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1651. pp. 49-64. ISSN 1064-3745

Hawkins, KE and Joy, S and Delhove, JM and Kotiadis, VN and Fernandez, E and Fitzpatrick, LM and Whiteford, JR and King, PJ and Bolanos, JP and Duchen, MR and Waddington, SN and McKay, TR (2016) NRF2 Orchestrates the Metabolic Shift during Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Reprogramming. Cell Reports, 14.

Buckley, SMK and Delhove, JMKM and Perocheau, DP and Karda, R and Rahim, AA and Howe, SJ and Ward, NJ and Birrell, MA and Belvisi, MG and Arbuthnot, P and Johnson, MR and Waddington, SN and McKay, TR (2015) In vivo bioimaging with tissue-specific transcription factor activated luciferase reporters. Scientific Reports, 5.

Nivsarkar, MS and Buckley, SMK and Parker, AL and Perocheau, D and McKay, TR and Rahim, AA and Howe, SJ and Waddington, SN (2015) Evidence for Contribution of CD4+CD25+ Regulatory T Cells in Maintaining Immune Tolerance to Human Factor IX following Perinatal Adenovirus Vector Delivery. Journal of Immunology Research, 2015. ISSN 2314-8861

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